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Our managed website hosting is super easy, and when you’re in need, help is on hand and because we’re a managed hosting service, we take care of the technical challenges and provide genuine local support (not off-shore). If you ever do have a problem, you can pick up the phone and call us. Simple – the way web hosting should be.

Modern, Fast, Efficient and Stable

Whether you’re launching a new website, or just looking for fast, rock-solid web hosting service managed right here in Preston, we’ve got you covered. With countless years of providing support to many online businesses in Preston and beyond, we can provide all the answers to your website hosting needs.





Our website hosting is a fully managed website hosting service. This means we take care of the technical parts of your website hosting service, so that you can focus on other aspects of your website and business. If something does go wrong with the host, you can feel reassured knowing that we’re there to quickly take care of it (with no unexpected costs). What often happens with non-managed hosting is a website is deployed and no-one is maintaining the server. The website owner either thinks nothing needs to be done, or that the web developer is looking after it. After a while, performance degrades, or worse, the server security hasn’t been updated – opening up the website to potential vulnerabilities.

What is Website Hosting?

The website host is where the website sits. In its most simplest form, there would be a computer in a data centre – with your website on it.

What is Managed Website Hosting?

Our managed hosting service provides the hosting space, plus several important layers of service, monitoring and support to make sure that your website runs well.

Why use Managed Hosting?

In short, peace of mind. Our managed hosting provides you with reliable server security, maintenance and support at a predictable price.

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